Reviews of Little Giant of Aberdeen County

"...the kind of book you find yourself stealing time from workday chores to read."
USA Today

"A little pearl of a buried treasure."
Dallas Morning News

"Tiffany Baker poured her whole heart into this weird and wonderful first novel--and the result resembles its heroine: ungainly but magical; grotesque but true."
Chicago Sun-Times

"Baker enters Alice Hoffman territory in this parable about beauty and ugliness, meanness and mercy and magic...."
The Hartford Courant

"Truly's wisdom and self-possession are the charm..."
San Francisco Chronicle

"Baker's writing is beautiful. Her descriptive style crafts Truly's emotions into sentences that are hidden treasures."
The Las Vegas Review-Journal

"This fun, folkloric story is part Ugly Duckling, part Tim Burton's Big Fish...For anyone looking to vanquish the cruel realities of the real world, this one's for you."
Marie Claire Magazine

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